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Coatings for your Rx lenses create add-on eyewear sales. You want quality, unsurpassed customer care and timely turnaround. Customers want quality and the ability to make a fashion statement. Opticote provides you with quality AR coatings for your Rx lenses along with the most stylish colors in mirror coatings for your Rx sunwear.

Cool colors make the New York Collection the perfect accessories. The Miami Collection features tropical colors for a look that says "hot." Vibrant Chicago Collection colors reflect “big-city energy” while the glamorous Los Angeles Collection simply oozes "star power."

With the latest looks (that translate to valuable add-on sales), Opticote helps make you clearly the best.
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Opticote has been an innovator in ophthalmic lens coating technology for over three decades. We have made a significant investment in technology, equipment, and training in order to stay on the leading edge of coating technology.

You're probably most familiar with our eyeglass lens coatings. We can apply Anti-Reflection (AR), mirror, and color coatings to all types (plastic, polycarbonate, mid- and high-index, and glass) of prescription eye wear supplied by wholesale laboratories, retail chains/stores, and opticians. But that's just the beginning.

Opticote's Research & Development department is committed to finding viable solutions for unique coating needs. To that end, we have developed coatings for applications as diverse as cell phones, washer/dryer windows, and goggles for military pilots. Whether your coating need is simple or complex, Opticote goes above and beyond to find a solution that's right. Which helps make you clearly the best.
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Virtually zero breakage and zero returns. It's a high standard, but it's the one we've set for ourselves. And we've put rigorous procedures in place to make sure we meet those goals.

Opticote continues to heavily invest in technology and training to ensure superior quality. We've even replaced manual functions with robotics to avoid human error. Each job is electronically logged and critical information is recorded every time a lens is handled. This provides valuable data for advanced statistical analysis. And allows us to continue refining our processes.

Because quality is so important to us, no new product goes on the market without months of testing by our internal Research & Development staff.

Opticote quality and durability help make you clearly the best.
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