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Show off your spring time color, and protect your eyes at the same time!




Finally it's clear: Opticote's FOG FREE eliminates the "white wall" condensation that occurs during the transition between environments at different temperatures. 



Check out our TOP 5 BEST SELLING mirror coatings! 




 Opticote proudly supports and produces products Made in the USA!



Fog Free by Opticote prevents foggy lenses. Opticote: Preventing Foggy Lenses - and Annoyance.



 Check out our New York Collection. Mirrors by Opticote - perfectly completing your everyday sparkle.


Back-to-school never looked so good! Take it up a notch this year with Mirrors by Opticote. Available in 4 unique collections.  


 More about our commercial coatings: 


 The heat is on! Are you wearing you Miami Collection shades?! #JulyHeat #Sunwear #Opticote


 Opticote also offers CT/commercial coating. Ask us today about our thin-film capabilities.


 We hope everyone enjoyed the compliments they received on their Opticote Mirrored shades over the 4th of July!!


 Opticote has a longstanding history with deep roots in the Chicago metro-area. Made in the USA every day.


 Have you checked out our Miami Mirror Collection? Perfect for sultry summer days and nights.


 Fog Free by Opticote is available with excellent quality and fast turnaround. Call us today and stop the blinding white wall effect.


 Customer Service is not a department; it's our company mission. #Opticote


 "I deserve another pair of Opticote Mirrors!"

Repeat as necessary; there are 48 dreamy options to choose from.



 Opticote proudly makes all our products right here in America. Opticote - Made in the USA!


 Looking for a particular type of AR coating? Opticote has several great options to choose from. Contact us today.


 Don't let the change in temps leave you in a fog. Get Fog Free from Opticote and prevent that blinding white wall before it occurs.


 "There's no such things as too many pairs of sunglasses." - Samantha August


 Opticote offers Fog Free, eight unique AR coatings, and four cities' worth of Mirrors. Your Summer sunwear one stop shop - Opticote.


Are you ready for your family vacations? How about your work meeting in Miami? Getaway weekend in Rome? Opticote has you covered. Mirrors by Opticote - your summer must have.


 Get Mirrors that last. Opticote specializes in both flash and solid colors, making your options endless.


 Looking for a great summer accessory for any outfit? Opticote Mirrors come in an array of solid and flash options, and look great at the beach or just running errands.


 We hope everyone had a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend! Freedom isn't free. #HonorTheFallen


May is National UV Awareness Month. Here's a nice read on sun exposure to eyes and preventing blindness from 


Don’t hibernate this spring and summer! Here are some practical tips to keep your eyes happy this allergy season.

  1. Avoid rubbing your eyes. This makes the symptoms worse because it actually sets off an allergy cascade response which causes more inflammation and itch. Plus, rubbing might lead to a scratch which will cause greater, long term discomfort.
  2. Plan your outdoor time wisely. One of the seasonal allergens that disturbs eyes is pollen, so it is a good idea to stay indoors when pollen counts are high, especially in the mid-morning and early evening.
  3. Wear sunglasses outside to protect your eyes, not only from UV rays, but also from allergens floating in the air.
  4. Check and clean your air conditioning filters to make sure they are working properly to filter out irritants.
  5. Use a humidifier or set out bowls of fresh water inside when using your air conditioning to help moisten the air and ensure that your eyes don’t dry out.

Remember to seek medical help from your eye care professional if symptoms persist or worsen. 


Repeat after me: I deserve a new pair of Opticote mirrors!

48 amazing color choices are waiting for you!


Mirrors: They. Are. HOTTTTT! 


Did you know you can get polarized Opticote Mirror lenses?Sometimes referred to as "sunwear on steroids," because of how brilliant the colors look and how crisp your vision will be!

Polarized lenses are your best defense when it comes to sunwear - add a mirror to that, and bam! Sunwear on steroids.  


 Have you checked out the LA Collection from Opticote? Mirrors fit for Hollywood stars and priced for everyone. Oh, hey summertime!


Great read and reminder for all businesses! Customer Service is something we pride ourselves on.  


If someone doesn't brighten your life, don't take off your sunglasses. Just search for the sun somewhere else.  


Hashtags create a conversation within a conversation. #Opticote is a thin-film #coatings company, and we specialize in designer #mirrors for #sunglasses. Look for #Opticote or use the above hashtags to join conversations about the #optical community!  


Are April showers clouding your vision...? Get Fog Free!

Make the call.


The first sunglasses were made from walrus ivory, and originated in China during the 12th century. The trend came to Europe with Marco Polo before travelling to the U.S., where it really caught on in the early 1930s.



 Opticote proudly supports and produces products Made in the USA!


Feeling frustrated by fogged over lenses? The temperature variations from indoors to outdoors don't have to be the cause of it. Get Fog Free coating today and say goodbye to frustration tomorrow.


 Opticote has 8 separate Anti-Reflective coatings. Don't let the glare off your lenses outshine you; call us today!



 Available in four gorgeous and different collections, Opticote Mirrors offer something for everyone. Check out our L.A. Collection today - full of beachy hues for summer!




Opticote is proud to offer 48 different, decadent and prismatic mirrors. 

Each one offering its own unique look, there’s something for everyone. The Top Five Most Requested Mirrors are Flash Silver, Solid Blue, Solid Silver, Flash Gold, and #3 Pastel Green and #6 Vibrant Green.



InStyle Magazine recently ran a Trend Alert on what’s hot for spring, and mirrored sunglasses topped the list. Available in 48 prismatic colors, Mirrors by Opticote™ are fun, sexy, and effortlessly chic – you too can have mirrors in Flash Blue, Caliente, and Limon just like the celebrities who love them! Get yours today.  




Fog Free lenses aren’t just for convenience. In fact, Opticote™ designed Fog Free coating with wearer safety in mind. Accidents happen more frequently when vision is obstructed; just because you’re wearing safety glasses doesn’t mean you’re protected. Don’t chance your safety in the workplace – make sure your lenses are coated with Fog Free by Opticote.™



Opticote, Inc. was recently featured in VCPN Magazine! Check it out here:


Click here to read the entire article.  


Mirrors for Spring...FAST!

Not only are the mirror tint options widespread, our turn-time on them is extremely fast. Gradient and double-gradient mirrors can be done in two days, with even the most complex of color coatings taking no longer than four days. Better yet, our entire L.A. Collection is available for same-day service. With turn-time that fast, why not get a pair in every color?!

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