The Opticote Story

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Opticote has been an innovator in ophthalmic lens coating.

Big deal.

Yes, we've created new technology since the early 1970's – beginning with color coating for eyeglass lenses. Then, our capabilities extended to cell phone coatings and sophisticated filters for industrial, military and aerospace applications. And yes, we continue to develop new uses and applications for our coating technology.

As we say, big deal.

What's more important to our customers is that we've stayed at the forefront of the coating industry by investing aggressively in technology, software, equipment, training and education. This allows us to provide a consistently top-quality product backed by unsurpassed service.

And service IS a big deal.

We know that zero-defects and reliable turnaround are probably more important to you than all of our patents.

Opticote offers amazing service in:

• Ophthalmic Coating: We apply anti-reflection, mirror, and color coatings to all types of prescription eyewear (plastic, polycarbonate, mid- and high-index, and glass) supplied by wholesale laboratories, retail stores/chains, and opticians.

• Commercial Coating: We offer custom design and coating services to meet your optical, decorative and mechanical needs. Our in-house Research & Development staff can work with you to find viable solutions to unique needs, large or small.

• Plano Sunwear: We offer dielectric and metal mirrors plus color matched backside anti-reflection coatings. We also perform edging and assembly.

Opticote has set control measures to ensure that we meet standards higher than any customer would expect. Virtually zero defects? Reliable on-time deliveries? Just what the customer ordered.

Call us… you'll see how we can help you become... clearly the best.
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