Illusion AR (99.9% light transmission) is our most popular coating applied to CR-39, HI-Index, Polycarbonate.

It can be applied to almost any lens in edged or uncut form. After a first inspection, the lens is given a thorough cleaning using solvents, soaps and di-ionized water. Another inspection by experienced technicians is done in a specially-prepared room.

After de-gassing, the lenses are placed in vacuum chambers where they are further de-gassed and cleaned again under a vacuum with an ion etch. The actual coating is made of several layers that all perform critical functions, including layers for adhesion, layers to stabilize the lens, several optical layers to create the anti-reflection effect, and a hydrophobic/oleophobic topcoat to seal the lenses and make them easier to clean. The process is repeated again on the other side of the lens.