tzAvoRite is the superior anti-reflective coating and topcoat produced by Opticote.

It’s a culmination of research brought together and integrated by the scientists, engineers, and management of one of the largest vacuum coating companies in the ophthalmic industry. Research was further enhanced by chemical engineers and experts in surface physics from around the world. The final product is a component of the finest quality lenses from the world’s best manufacturers, a hardcoating technique that is unparalleled in it’s quality, an anti-reflective stack that provides superior light transmission and a topcoat that repels water, oil, dust and dirt and has an extended life and extreme durability.

Using the proper materials, and preparation of the lens surface, are critical to the quality of the final product. Lenses must be top quality, lab preparation is instrumental, and then Opticote does the magic of making the most durable AR coating known.