Illusion HP AR (99.5% light transmission): Opticote’s Illusion HP AR is redefining what you thought you knew about hydrophobic/oleophobic topcoats.

With an improved contact angle greater than 110 degrees, Illusion HP AR provides superior durability and performance. Water, grease and dirt easily wipe away to extend the life and mechanical performance of the AR.

Plus, Opticote provides same-day turnaround and a price point that will amaze you.

You’re invited to compare the Illusion HP AR finish against other AR treatments in this price category and draw your own conclusion. We are confident that you will be impressed with the luxurious finish, durability and price. You will recognize why Opticote is always working to keep you “Clearly the Best” in the eyes of your customer.

Opticote Tip: It is strongly advised when blocking uncuts or inserting lenses into a frame that a premium pad designed for today’s Super Hydrophobic coatings is utilized. A roughner applied to the front side of the lens facilitates pad adhesion and washes off easily, revealing the luxurious finish by simply rubbing dry with a clean dry cloth.