New York Collection 1 – Flash silver gradient, clear base

A high-fashion look that is guaranteed to turn heads as it confidently announces I HAVE ARRIVED

New York Collection 2 – Silver gradient, 80%, gray base

Fashion and function with the right balance for bright overhead sunlight. A perfect lens for hiking and biking. 

New York Collection 3 – Silver double gradient, 80%, gray base

A classic double gradient, excellent for conditions of brilliant sunlight from overhead, and blinding glare from surfaces below such as sand, water, and snow.

New York Collection 4 – Flash silver gradient, 80% gray base

A true gradient with the bottom-third clear to allow easy viewing of the dashboard or the ground below you. 

New York Collection 5 – Flash blue gradient, 80% gray base

A trendy and sporty look with a hint of cool blue gradient. 

New York Collection 8 – Gold gradient, 55%, brown base

A soft mirror perfect for hazy days. Great for driving, golfing, fishing in shallow water, or just looking cool.

New York Collection 9 – Gold double gradient, 55%, brown base

Paired with a polarized lens, this coating handles bright sunlight and glare easily. Great for driving or any activity where seeing the changes in terrain is important.