Los Angeles Collection 1 – Flash silver mirror, 80% gray base

A hint of silver that is todays urban look, projecting a sexy sophistication, confidence and class as you walk down the street without a care in the world. 

Los Angeles Collection 2 – silver mirror, 80% gray base

A classic sunwear look, it is all attitude. Best for full sun, the brown base color is great for snow sports, it allows the wearer better vision of the changing terrain.

Los Angeles Collection 3 – Flash blue mirror, 80% gray base

A hint of cool blue crafts a fashionable and sporty look.

Los Angeles Collection 4 – Blue mirror, 80% gray base

When paired with a polarized lens, it is a great look and functional for all water related activities. 

Los Angeles Collection 5 – Flash gold mirror, 55%, brown base

A warm classic look with enhanced translucence and a hint of gold.

Los Angeles Collection 6 – Gold mirror, 55%, brown base

Solid gold – the name says it all. Great for driving or fishing in shallow waters.