Gradient Silver Mirror – Silver gradient, clear base

A classic, sexy look that instantly makes you feel like a celebrity. A great look for indoors or after hours. 

Gradient Gold Mirror – Gold gradient, clear base

A look that says “luxury” all the way – a classic mirror with a hint of gold. Great look for indoors or for clubbing. 

Sol Mirror – Yellow mirror, 80%, gray base

Shine like the sun! This bold yellow mirror coating allows for maximum light transmission in low light conditions; it improves contrast and acuity.

Pink Mirror – Pink mirror, 55%, brown base

A power color to be reckoned with. Works well in most lighting conditions. 

Rose Gold Mirror – Rose/Gold mirror, 80% gray base

A dazzling mirror that is sure to be noticed! Works well in most lighting conditions. 

DES AR Coating – Front side blue light blocking, back side Illusion AR

Prevents problems caused by overexposure to harmful blue light such as eye strain, blurred vision and headaches. For users of digital devices like smartphones, tablets, computer screens.