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Pioneers in Optical Coatings and Filters

Mirror coatings serve multiple purposes. First and foremost, they provide protection, blocking harmful rays from damaging your eyes. This includes sunlight as well as the light emitted from the various electronic devices most of us use every day. Additionally, they add a splash of fashion to your look, conveying a message of confidence, a spirit of fun or an aura of mystery.

Quality Service

Is a touchstone for everything we do, driving the development of key processes, best practices, and employee training.

Innovative Products

From the 90s through today, we’ve continued finding innovative applications for our technologies.


Our selection of semifinished mirrored lenses can be shipped the same day for orders arriving before 4:00 pm.


Mirrored Coatings For the Consumer Market

There are different mirror colors and base lens colors available, which we combine to create lenses for various lighting conditions and uses. We have grouped these coatings into several collections. Click on the links below to explore the options available in each one.


What’s Trending

View some of our most popular Mirrored Coatings this season.

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ECP’s and Optical Labs

Applying anti-reflection (AR), mirror, and color coatings to all types (plastic, polycarbonate, mid and high index and glass) prescription eyewear supplied by wholesale laboratories, retail chains/stores and opticians.

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Thin Film Coatings

Opticote develops and provides optical coatings (photonic services) to commercial accounts in a wide variety of industries including manufacturing, military, precision molders of optics, model makers and more. Services include thin film stack design.

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