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Online Products

In addition to coating lenses, Opticote offers the following products for sale:

Semi finished lenses

Semi-Finished Lenses

We carry our most popular mirror colors on NuPolar lenses. These lenses are in stock and ready to cut in prescription and edge-to-frame style. You choose the base curve and color to match your patients’ needs.

Fog free

Fog-Free Spray Kits

Are your patients experiencing foggy lenses from wearing a mask? Offer them Opticote’s Fog Free spray to fade fog fast. Just spritz the solution on the front and back of the lenses and rub it in thoroughly with the microfiber cloth.

Sample books

Sample Books

We offer three different sample books designed to help you (and your customers) visualize the unique physical and optical properties of the dozens of amazing coatings available from Opticote.

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