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Mirror coatings serve multiple purposes. First and foremost, they provide protection, blocking harmful rays from damaging your eyes. This includes sunlight as well as the light emitted from the various electronic devices most of us use every day.

Additionally, they add a splash of fashion to your look, conveying a message of confidence, a spirit of fun or an aura of mystery.

There are different mirror colors and base lens colors available, which we combine to create lenses for various lighting conditions and uses. We have grouped these coatings into several collections. Click on the links below to explore the options available in each one.

Chicago Collection

Chicago Collection 1 Pastel mirror 55%, brown base Soft blue on a brown base creates a uniquely-colored mirror that is excellent for driving, or simply for displaying your … Read more Chicago Collection 2 Pastel …


LA Collection

Los Angeles Collection 1 Flash silver mirror, 80% gray base A hint of silver that is today’s urban look, projecting a sexy sophistication, confidence and class as you walk down … Read more Los Angeles …


Miami Collection

Miami Collection 2 Citrus, 55%, brown base Updated and eclectic, solid gold for the 21st century – great for driving and snow sports. Read more Miami Collection 3  La Noche, 80% gray base As dark …


New York Collection

New York Collection 1 Flash silver gradient, clear base A high-fashion look that is guaranteed to turn heads as it confidently announces I HAVE ARRIVED. Read more New York Collection 2 Silver gradient, 80%, gray base …


Specialty Mirrors

DES AR Coating Front side blue light blocking, back side Illusion AR Prevents problems caused by overexposure to harmful blue light such as eye strain, blurred vision and headaches. For users of … Read more …

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